The Mindwo system offers a wide range of powerful features designed to make document management easy and efficient. With Mindwo, users can streamline their document management processes, improve collaboration, and enhance security. Mindwo is a versatile system that can benefit both small businesses and large enterprises, helping users stay organized and productive.

Document Registries

Registers of documents, contracts, invoices, estimates and other documents that are easy to organize and use.

Document Templates

Quick creation - generate documents from the system.

Data Search

Unified search in all document registers. Search in registers by any field, search in texts of attached documents.


Company news, image and video galleries, company events calendar, personnel information, guidelines and document forms.


Reconciliation of documents can happen sequentially or in parallel, according to the company's quality processes.


The system provides an opportunity to define control criteria and send automatic e-mail notifications as soon as one of the criteria is met.


Employees can discuss any data form or document in the system.

Data Encryption

The system provides the ability to encrypt specified data fields and document files. The data is stored on the server already encrypted. Even server administrators do not have access to encrypted information.

Unified Work Environment

Integration with both Open Office and Microsoft Office applications, saving documents instantly to the system.

Focus on Your Needs

At Mindwo, we strive to provide companies and organizations with a document management system that automates business processes. Our solutions have been serving customers for over 15 years, delivering consistent and reliable results. Mindwo's use of open source technologies allows for a flexible system that can be adapted to meet the needs of our customers.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

We strive to create services that can enhance your business's operations, team, and culture, with the hope of helping to achieve increased levels of success, profits, and growth. Have you considered the possibility of upgrading your business at this time?