Bringing Organizations Systems to Life

Mindwo is a platform developed by the company Doitex. Our clients are large companies and government agencies for whom we undertake extensive programming work. Over more than 10 years, we have developed software that we now offer to a wider user base "as is" with a subscription principle.

We Value Your Independence

Mindwo cloud service clients always have access to their documents and data in raw SQL format, giving them the ability to transition to another system at any time. For customers using Mindwo systems within their infrastructure, even greater independence is provided through the use of fully open source PHP/Laravel 9 and MySQL database.

Our Freedom Is Also Your Freedom

Unlike closed systems, which are in compiled form, we can improve any component at any level, even if it is an operating system, because we use only open source technologies. We are not limited to compiled "black boxes". Even with complex data architectures, we always have the ability to optimize solutions as far as the customer wants to go.

Development Speed And Quality

We program the constructor with which we build systems. Therefore, we can quickly create standard solutions using different types of templates and data structure copying capabilities. Improving the functionality of the constructor for one client affects all clients. We work according to the AGILE methodology at a flat hourly rate - time is audited.

Mindwo In Numbers

Making an Impact, One System at a Time

15 years in business

We create systems for both companies and public administration institutions

More than 125000 users

Our systems are used by organizations with 10 to more than 2000 users

1 prime minister

Our system is trusted by state administration, even the Latvian Prime Minister uses it for e-signing documents

6 Regions - Global Availability

We have been working with Contabo for more than 5 years - German quality since 2003.

Our Mission Is To Help Organizations Fulfill Good Missions

We help provide important services to society more efficiently, for example:

Systems for public institutions

Better laws for citizens

Systems for printing houses

More accessible knowledge for people

Systems for waste processing companies

We promote care for ecology and nature

Systems for schools

Care about public education

Systems for scientific institutes

We promote the implementation of inventions

Systems for pharmaceutical companies

Care about public health

What is the mission of your organization?

Our team is ready to assist you. We're eager to explore ideas for your document management system together. Start a chat with one of our experts now to discuss your vision, inspire new ideas, and learn more about our approach.

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