Implementation and subscription prices

The implementation cost is a one-time payment and is based on the amount of hours actually consumed.

During the free of charge consultation, we will roughly estimate the planned implementation costs and you will be able to purchase the necessary amount of implementation hours.

Servers should be selected depending on the volume of documents and/or planned workload, i.e. on the planned number of users. The number of users is not limited, but it should be noted that if the number of users and/or the amount of data increases, it may be necessary to increase the server resources.

All prices are reviewed once a year, taking into account the official inflation percentage from the Central Statistical Bureau.

All prices indicated on this page are exclusive of VAT.

Hourly Rate 80 EUR

Business process analysis, configuration of document management systems, programming, and consultation. We provide all types of IT work necessary for setting up your system.

For small organizations with up to 20 employees, the implementation hourly volume is usually between 20 and 40 hours.

The more employees and/or types of documents and the business processes associated with them, the greater the implementation hourly volume.

VPS server rental

Server rental price includes security backups, server administration and Mindwo document management system.


10 - 20 employees.

  • SSD 50Gb
  • RAM 8Gb
  • Processor cores 4

from 185/month*


20 - 50 employees

  • SSD 100Gb
  • RAM 16Gb
  • Processor cores 6

from €289/month*


50 - 200 employees

  • SSD 200Gb
  • RAM 32Gb
  • Processor cores 8

from €449/month*


200 - 500 employees

  • SSD 400Gb
  • RAM 60Gb
  • Processor cores 10

from €839/month*

* The subscription price depends on the configuration of the system modules.

Payment is required immediately for 1 year.

User consultation/support is not included in the server subscription price. You can purchase hours for consultations and/or additional development work as needed.


There is no fixed maintenance fee. There are organizations that use our solutions for years and do not pay for maintenance, as they are able to solve problems and make improvements on their own.

However, if needed, it is possible at any time to purchase hours for resolving various issues. The minimum volume of hours is 10. The minimum time increment is 30 minutes. We will send reports for the hours worked. Unused hours are accumulated as a reserve until the next situation arises.

Security Of Your Data

Even though Mindwo's system is in the cloud, it doesn't necessarily mean on the public internet. We offer the possibility to use servers also in the private network with Virtual Private Network without additional cost.

Private Network

Protect your infrastructure against attacks such as denial of service. Private Networking allows you to separate services from the public network on an internal layer 2 LAN.

Your Data Is Always Yours

Independence - with Mindwo you can always access your data with FTP - both for database export and files.

Source Code

Mindwo is developed with open-source technologies – PHP Laravel 9 and MySQL database. It is also possible to purchase the source code and install the system in your own infrastructure.

However, before purchasing the source code, it is better to first try out at least some of the organization's processes with one of the subscription plans.

Ask, we'll help


How does the implementation process and payment work?

After initial communication and clarification of approximate requirements, we prepare a free demonstration environment where you can try out the system's capabilities.

If you want us to do additional configurations, training, or programming, then hours need to be purchased first, which we will estimate approximately, and then we will start doing the necessary work, writing reports about the consumed time.

As we work according to the AGILE methodology (gradual work, adapting to changing requirements and circumstances), there is no strict specification, and clients can freely change their requirements as needed. In the demonstration environment, your system is gradually developed, reaching the desired result in several iterations.

If the purchased hours are used up during collaboration, work is halted, and additional necessary hours need to be added.

Once the system in the demonstration environment meets the client's wishes, we switch the environment to production, and payment for a 1-year server subscription must be made.

Therefore, you do not have to pay immediately for server rental; work initially occurs in the demonstration environment, you can start with a volume of 10 hours and gradually develop functionality to an acceptable level. There are also no disputes about "what was/was not discussed, understood, or misunderstood", you may not precisely know your requirements, neither party initially takes full risk for project implementation.

You can start with a volume of 10 implementation hours, feel how we work, understand whether we have good collaboration and communication.

You can split implementation work into stages and pay for each stage separately.

Such collaboration allows you to manage the risk that developers would embed as a 20% to 30% surcharge in the case of a fixed budget. We offer productive collaboration and avoid bureaucratic procedures. Any work is work, even if it is "error correction" - we move towards the result as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How many hours are usually needed for system implementation?

Our experience shows that for small companies with up to 20 employees, the implementation of a simple configuration system is usually done in 20 to 40 hours. For larger organizations with more complex business processes, implementation work can be several thousand hours, performed gradually, process by process in stages. Implementation work usually includes: online meetings, configuration work, special functions may be programmed, testing is carried out, consultations with users, video tutorials are created for specific business processes, historical data is imported from Excel, etc.

Is 40 hours 1 week?

Mindwo business analysts work on several projects. Therefore, a volume of 40 hours in terms of duration is usually 2 - 4 weeks. We also take into account the client's primary workload - clients may respond to our questions with several hours/days delay because they have their daily tasks. We understand and will wait.

Is there any free warranty?

The operation model of Mindwo services and software is based on a principle comparable to the relationship between an employee and an employer.

If an employee makes a mistake, he spends extra time to correct it, which can lead to additional costs, such as disruption to the work process or delays. If an employee regularly made mistakes, the termination of the employment relationship would have to be discussed.

In the context of Mindwo services and software, this means that if it is found that the use of the services is not beneficial, the client has the right to refuse it. You can get your data in SQL format and document files in a ZIP archive at any time. Thus, you can transfer your data to another system if necessary.

Our business model is based on the "Time and Materials" principle, so we do not include risks or free guarantees.

Therefore, it should be noted that we do not provide a free warranty regarding service hours or Mindwo software. However, we do provide a warranty for server maintenance. If any problems arise with the server, we ensure server restoration from a backup without additional payment.

Is it possible to implement the system entirely without Mindwo support?

Using only artificial intelligence capabilities, a simple bookkeeping registry system can be implemented solely by one's efforts. However, in the case of a more complex configuration, for example, workflows, it is necessary to consider the need for the involvement of Mindwo consultants.

User manuals are also available, from which one can learn to configure the system. However, experience shows that it is better to consider the need for our support.