Implementation and subscription prices

The implementation cost is a one-time payment and is based on the amount of hours actually consumed.

During the free of charge consultation, we will roughly estimate the planned implementation costs and you will be able to purchase the necessary amount of implementation hours.

Servers should be selected depending on the volume of documents and/or planned workload, i.e. on the planned number of users. The number of users is not limited, but it should be noted that if the number of users and/or the amount of data increases, it may be necessary to increase the server resources.


Business process analysis, document management system configuration, programming and consulting. We provide any type of IT work necessary for the creation of your system.

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VPS server rental

Server rental price includes security backups, server administration and Mindwo document management system.


10 - 20 employees.

  • HDD 200Gb
  • RAM 8Gb
  • Processor cores 4




20 - 50 employees

  • HDD 400Gb
  • RAM 16Gb
  • Processor cores 6



50 - 200 employees

  • HDD 800Gb
  • RAM 32Gb
  • Processor cores 8



200 - 500 employees

  • HDD 1.6Tb
  • RAM 60Gb
  • Processor cores 10


User consulting/support is not included in the server subscription price.
You can buy hours of consultation and/or additional development work as needed.

Need more data?

Additional data amount 1Tb for 5 USD/month

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Security Of Your Data

Even though Mindwo's system is in the cloud, it doesn't necessarily mean on the public internet. We offer the possibility to use servers also in the private network with Virtual Private Network without additional cost.

Private Network

Protect your infrastructure against attacks such as denial of service. Private Networking allows you to separate services from the public network on an internal layer 2 LAN.

Your Data Is Always Yours

Independence - with Mindwo you can always access your data with FTP - both for database export and files.


Would you prefer to access the source code and install the system within your own infrastructure?

Mindwo is developed with open source - PHP Laravel 8 and MySQL database.

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Is it possible to pay for a year?

Yes, we can prepare an invoice for a 1-year server rental with a 15% discount.

How many hours does it usually take to implement the system?

For a small business with up to 20 employees, in our experience, it usually takes between 40 and 80 hours. Several online meetings are held, configuration work is carried out, if necessary, a special function is programmed, testing is carried out, users are consulted, video tutorials are created, historical data is imported from Excel, etc.

How will we know that the implementation hours consumed are true?

We prepare detailed hourly reports - you can confront them with any IT company to make sure that our time accounting is adequate. In addition, our employees use the time tracking tool. In cases of uncertainty, we can provide a detailed report on the time spent.

Is 40 hours 1 week?

Mindwo business analysts work on several projects. Therefore, the amount of 40 hours in terms of deadlines is usually 2 - 4 weeks. We also take into account the workload of the client's core business - clients can answer our questions with a delay of several hours/days, when it is time to dig deeper. We understand and will wait.